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We are a diverse group of entrepreneurs who love working to help other entrepreneurs. Our obsession with innovation has lead us to specialize in mobile product development and scale up business strategy. We want our past experiences to help our clients to grow their business. 

Our history

Like many entrepreneurs we've failed at tasks more times than we'd like to mention but we've learned from those experiences. We've been able to develop a deep understanding of many of the obstacles facing entrepreneurs trying to grow their businesses and we want to help. 

Our consultants will explore your goals for your organization. Then develop a  strategic plan and execution model to enable the actualization of your goals. 

Our mission

To assist entrepreneurs to reach their goals through strategy, implementation, and mentorship. 

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We want to help!

We love learning about your goals, obstacles, and your biggest pain points. Culture, growth, social media, product development, and strategy are complex...let us help.

Ground Floor Labs

Alberta, Canada

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